Friday, April 4, 2014

Bid off calf: 522 (updated)

Here is an update on the 522 calf. Here's a Milkman x Habanero (519 donor). This is a slick shearing beast with the most pencil neck and huge rear end we have. Big time slicking calf for the valley or your county show or go give them all they want at a major!

Bid off calf: 1680

BTH x Habanero Charolais
Another young one here. This is an 11/11 calf that is rope necked and huge butted! His dam is truly impressive and his sire makes the good slick shear muscle shape with extra look! This one will surely grab your attention and he makes an awesome Mercedes calf or Houston special!

Bid off calf: 305

This 305 calf is a sib to the 4th place MW ABC at 2014 Houston. This calf is a tremendous Houston prospect. As a bonus, we clipped his head yesterday and he smooth polled. Add that with his correct sheath design and you may be looking at your Champion Brangus steer in Houston 2015! He's stout, sound, super cool and perfect designed.

Bid off calf: 523R

BTH X Suspect x Habanero
Here's a good late November calf that's a full sib to multiple placing steers in Houston in the AOB division. He's super sound, freaky necked, thick ended and built like brick house. The BTH calves get real thick and good looking as they get older. I like this one a lot if you want a super light weight!!

Bid off calf: 502

Here's the natural calf out of the Popeye cow that raised the 2012 Champion Simmy at Houston. He's a Ringo (Ali) and I think you all know by now how we feel about the Ringo cattle. Feed this November calf and enjoy some serious success. He's silver and white and will undoubtedly get very good as he matures and puts some weight on. He can be super competitive wherever he goes. 
Ringo X 502 donor (Champion 2012 Simmy dam)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bid off calf: 28X

Here is another Ringo calf that is super correct. He's sound, big bodied, thick, good looking, and gentle! Sounds like a good combination to me! The Ringo cattle have track record go getting flat good!!

Bid off calf: 209

This is a really nice light weight calf for a youngster! He's super thick, big bellied, and so gentle a 3 year old could show him next week! Look at that color too!! Class 1 or 2 at Fort Worth or a can slick very well!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bid off calf: 328 (heifer)

Future donor 
We hand picked this female out of our entire calf crop to offer you the absolute best colored exotic heifer that can raise those high selling colored steers! She's a Man Among Boys X Popeye 922 which is a very productive genetic line. This is sow bellied, rope necked, thick, good legged future donor prospect that can be a real game changer to your entire program. Again, we are offering our very best!!

Bid off calf: 77 (heifer)

Registered Mainetainer Heifer
And another one! Like I said below, we shouldn't be offering these to you but here they are! This is another full sister to the 2012 Champion Simmy which is a YJ x 502 donor of ours. You decide which of these ladies is for you because they are all good!!

Bid off calf: 119 (heifer)

Registered Mainetainer Heifer 
This is one of the 3 full sisters to that champion Simmy steer we are offering. We should not even be thinking about letting these females go but we are committed to offering our customers the very best we have! This lady is really stout, mega cool with a heavy structure at the ground. This one could not only be big time in the ring but she is capable of being a major dollar generator in the steer business! This is a rare opportunity to be able to obtain females of this caliber.

Bid off calf: 236 (heifer)

Registered Mainetainer Heifer

This is a full sister to the 2012 Champion Simmy steer at Houston. She's a YJ x 502 donor and she's really correct and built extremely well. This good looking female has plenty of thickness and travels so smoothly. She's one of 3 full sisters we are offering!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bid off calf: 403

S&M x 317 Lard Ass donor
This is a full sib to a 2013 Austin class winner in the colored AOB division and 18 calf also in the bid off. This calf is very correct, big bodied, and built really well with lots of muscle shape. The 317 cattle get WAY GOOD the older they get and look for this one to continue that trend!

Bid off calf: 78

YJ x 502
This one is bred identical to the yellow just below him. He's a full sib to that champion Simmy at Houston 2012 and the brother that more closely resembles his winning sib. He's powerful, super sound and built to make a run at San Antonio or your early county shows. Don't hesitate

Bid off calf: 14X

Slick shear deluxe 
Here's a good yellow one as that's the hottest color in the steer world right now! This is Yellow Jacket x Popeye donor and he's a full sib to the 2012 Houston Champion Simmental Steer. This dude is really sound and big backed with lots of muscle shape. He's just gonna get better and better as he matures and will be a real player somewhere!

Bid off calf: 8027

This red American is the cockiest, coolest looking dude on the place! He's the definition of sound structured with long fluid stride and perfect feet. He's got great rib shape and he's coming on strong. By the time San Antonio gets around, he will be taking your family to the rodeo performance where they slap the grand champion!